Cryptakel is the digital sister of Tinnetakel – a woolly octopus who is always on the search for new adventures and loves to spread around her joy of life.

Holy woolly whaaat? Yeees, you got it right, a little woolly octopus.

Tinnetakel and her digital sister Cryptakel

Long story short: Back in 2011 actually a warm beanie should be made out of wool, not sure what happend, but it ended up in a happy german Tintenfisch called Tinnetakel – handmade by Tinne with many Tentakel.
Exactly ten years later, in 2021, during never-ending Covid19-lockdowns Cryptakel has come to life. While Tinnetakel was still struggling with having to stay at home instead of traveling the world, Cryptakel sets out to conquer the cyber world.

By the way, did you know that an octopus has three hearts and even nine brains? One brain in its head and the other in its tentacles or more correctly said in its arms. No wonder octopuses are super intelligent and always act with a lot of heart and brain.
Unlike ordinary octopuses, which always have exactly 8 arms (the greek word for “eight food”), Tinnetakel and Cryptakel are very special and have even 9 and a half tentacles.
This is really useful not only in everyday life but also for all their incredible adventurers. Have a look below for some insta impressions and be exicted for continiously more to come… .